FALLing Right into Sales with Fresh Fall Marketing Content

Ally Gilboa
2 min readNov 24, 2020

Thinking outside the box during Covid-19.

Image: Charles Betito/Pixabay

For industries like fashion, beauty, home design, and many other fields, planning marketing content for each season is an art, requiring many brainstorming hours.

Firstly, focus on brand awareness, lead generation, and only then on creating various assets and engaging content like campaigns, blogs, storytelling, and much more to attract, convince, and retain the customers.

Figuring out what to write and how on different platforms and social media requires lots of research and creativity- it’s a time-consuming task with much preparation in advance.

Summer was the best time to jump on fall marketing ideas and start crafting fresh marketing content.

Fall 2020 was different due to Covid-19 but particularly challenging as this season wasn’t just about falling colorful leaves or colder weather; it was a LOT more than that!

During the pandemic, you have to think harder and smarter outside the box but there isn’t a box out there anymore.

So, when autumn was around the corner and right before the holiday season, we had two critical tasks:

1/ Attract new global customers online, especially in times of crisis.

2/ Increase customer retention rate and make them feel super special.

Covid-19 had a significant impact on crafting effective marketing content — which needs to be adapted to a new market — much more innovative and creative than ever.

Here are some examples of how we helped our clients evolve during Covid-19 and get some inspiration.

The purpose was to generate some unique marketing content ideas for the Fall season:

* For our client from home design, we wrote an E-book — “Fall Home Décor” with great tips and styling ideas on how to make your home cozy for Fall, including beautiful photos. The Ebook was also translated from English into other languages.

* Another client from the field of candles & home fragrances, we helped him write a blog about the aroma of autumn and their new ‘Gorgeous Seasonal Candles’. Also, we rewrote his remarkable brand story to share with his customers why he started the business in the first place.

Both cases yielded such excellent results; The content captivated their audiences, increased their brand awareness and their sales.

So, who needs a box? 😊

Stay Safe! Stay Creative!




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